What others said

  1. Latonia Barto

    Ooh! I like the idea of day after photos! You would have more freedom to get crazy and there’s no worrying about messing thousands of dollars worth of dress up! I like the more formal photos at the top, but that’s just personal preference. And, those could be done after as well. I’ve concluded there are no cons to doing bridal shoot after the wedding. Teehee! I absolutely love the detail shot with the organ in back! Those types of shots are my favorite!

  2. Heather Watkins

    Well, of course, I’m partial to the day afters ;) It was a lot of fun and a really relaxing time. Plus, because of Kelly’s wonderful talents, my day-of pics were PERFECT! So we really didn’t need formals. I love the engagements for a “before” picture that shows the excitement and anticipation and the day afters to show the softer, more playful and less stressed side of the couple. It’s the “once upon a time” versus “happily ever after”.

  3. Jessica R.

    I prefer bridal portraits before. I loved having mine on display at my wedding and reception so everyone also got to see the photos I spent a bunch of money on. But, I can see the appeal of a more relaxed day after type session. (Though the day after my wedding all I wanted to do was lay around in yoga pants and pull bobby pins out of my hair – ha ha!)

  4. Unapologetically Mundane

    Where’s the before AND after option? I would totally be one of those brides who makes her wedding a month-long event where all of my friends and family stop caring about any of it after the first weekend but I continue to make them come to everything. And bring presents.